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Reiki and TarotReiki and you

Posted by Jackie Thu, October 27, 2016 19:20:04

I’ve been thinking about the connection between the Tarot and Reiki. As a spiritual teacher and healer, it still amazes me sometimes the connections that can be made – until I remember that, of course, we are all connected and therefore so is everything we do.

I run Reiki courses and training for people who wish to become healers. They already are healers of course, though some don’t realise it, and for some it’s about the structure offered by Reiki. And Tarot has a structure too.

The journey in the major arcana is very much aligned with the journey of a Reiki healer. I knew there was a reason I call the courses Reiki training and development. As with Tarot, it is both personal and spiritual development.

At the start of the journey, we have The Fool, setting off on a new adventure, full of new ideas, the beginning of a new chapter. Reiki 1 is the start of a Reiki healer’s journey. Often it’s a new experience, they’re unsure of the energy, what it will mean, what it will do, and how they can use it.

Like The Magician, they have the tools they need. They have hands, a heart and, hopefully, an open mind. As they begin to trust in the process then the development starts, both personally and spiritually.

The High Priestess is about intuition and inner wisdom. As a healer develops they learn to trust these within themselves more and more.

By the time we get to Reiki level 2, this is aligned with The Hierophant – a spiritual teacher, therapist or healer, working within a spiritual tradition. Reiki 2 strengthens the connection with the energy and spiritual side of the healer, using their intuition more within the healing process.

The Chariot takes them on another leg of the journey, with passion and drive, sharing their love, compassion, healing.

And The Hermit, developing their inner wisdom, moving forward on their spiritual journey, meditation and reflection – and shining their light!

Healing is not about healing clients, it’s about enabling clients to heal themselves. By the time we get to Temperance, this I see as the Reiki Master. Inner change and transformation; healing of the self as well as helping others.

And so the journey continues.

You could join myself and Mark to start your Reiki journey on 5/6 November, or if you’re already on your journey, the next Reiki 2 will be in February/March - watch this space! We’d love to see you there and explore this further

Learning Reiki and receiving attunementsLearning Reiki

Posted by Jackie Thu, July 07, 2016 15:43:12

One of the five Reiki precepts is ‘just for today, do not worry’, but you know what? Sometimes I can’t help but worry. Try as hard as I might not to, I worry about how Reiki is being taught and the students learning it.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I welcome students from all walks of life to my courses. I teach in the traditional way, with first and second degree courses (Levels 1 and 2) being taught separately over two days each because I like my students to feel comfortable with recognising and dealing with the energy and are confident in what they’ve been taught.

I accept that some courses are taught by some teachers as one day, maybe a longer day and/or with some pre-learning. It wouldn’t be my choice but I have no problem with that when the students are taught in-person.

But today I came across something which really does fill me with fear. I spotted an online Reiki Diploma Course – train to become a Reiki practitioner, including both levels 1 and 2.

Call me old fashioned, I like traditional methods but I also like fair’s fair and I’m not sure that online students get a fair deal. Granted, the courses are usually hugely reduced in price – this one was advertised at several hundred pounds but reduced to less than £50. I love a bargain, but really? So why was it so expensive in the first place?

Obviously studying in person is more expensive but most teachers will take people’s financial circumstances into account and if someone is in genuine hardship but would honestly benefit from studying Reiki, for whatever reason, they will either reduce the cost or allow for an exchange in some way.

So, cost aside, what worries me is:
· How does the student know whether they are channelling the energy?
· How does the teacher know whether the student understands or is using the techniques correctly?
· How does the student ask those questions which always arise spontaneously and get an instant answer?
· Most of all, how does a student know they have received a full attunement? Particularly if they’ve attuned themselves.

I feel it is important to have time with your teacher in order to receive appropriate support during your development. Whilst it is true that the healing energy can be sent over distance, I agree wholeheartedly with William Lee Rand, who states in his book The Reiki Touch that the attunement is best given in person as part of a Reiki class. After all, this is how Reiki was taught by Mikao Usui and also by his students in Japan.

There are books and online courses which describe how to attune yourself and, of course, people claim to experience something. Something, but what?

For the full spectrum of Reiki energies to be activated the attunement needs to be received in person. An element of the attunement is transmitted through the physical touch of the teacher. Without it the attunement will not be complete and the Reiki energy will not be as strong or effective as it’s meant to be.

As quoted in the book, “If you are serious about Reiki and wish to experience its true value, and intend to use Reiki to help yourself and others, it’s important to find a teacher you feel good about and receive your Reiki training in person.”

It is also worth noting that both the Reiki Federation and the Reiki Association require teaching and initiation into Reiki at each level in the physical presence of a master from an unbroken lineage back to Mikao Usui.

There are many important factors in learning Reiki and there are other kinds of Reiki you can learn. There are many, many excellent Reiki teachers out there. If you want to learn Reiki don’t take shortcuts, learn it well and be the best you can for yourself and others.

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you." Robin S.Sharma